Why Career Pathfinders Recruitment ?

Why Use a Recruitment Agency ?

Having operated since 1997, Career Pathfinders finds this to be an easy question to answer.

In our experience, it’s all about establishing and maintaining good, cordial relationships. Relationships that have their foundations based upon concrete trust and professional liaisons. When an agency as well as it’s consultants are known by the client,  and they recognize the professionalism and expertise  – then making use of such an agency has immense obvious benefits. It comes as a great comfort to clients to know that they are in the hands of professionals.

Employers in need of key personnel, require the services of a professional recruitment consultancy, who will perform diligently and with utmost integrity, where the interests of the client and the candidate alike are most important. Not only does this result in successful outcomes, but is highly cost-effective, time-saving and removes from the employer the laborious task of trying to source quality CVs.  The task of an employer undertaking recruitment on his own may appear, on paper, to be a cheaper option. However, it’s a tiresome job, on top of all the employers other duties, and so often does not have the desired satisfactory results ….  and therefore, in the end, becomes a more costly exercise, as well as a complete waste of one’s time and effort.

Reputable agencies provide guarantees for the peace of mind of employers, therefore the risk of hiring the new employee is greatly minimised.

Why  Career Pathfinders ?

We opened our doors for business in 1997, and throughout all these years, we have worked towards, and stood beside our reputation of integrity and professionalism. One thing employers have commented upon with regard to Career Pathfinders, is that when they see a CV has come from us : then it needs to be closely perused and earmarked for attention, because Career Pathfinders do not send CVs that are unqualified, inappropriate or lacking. We believe that having served our industry for so many years, we have come to know our clients well, and thus we have a good insight into their needs, and what & who should work well at a particular establishment.

We have also come to know a high percentage of the job-seeking fraternity too – and thus equally, we again have solid notions of who might be a sound match to a specific vacancy, with a specific establishment. And, conversely, who might not fit, because just like there are ‘horses for courses’, so too are there, for example, ‘certain chefs for certain kitchens’.

So we ascribe to a regime of aiming to  “Match Winners with Winners”.

Our rates are also reasonable, and our Ts + Cs are uncomplicated and fair, designed to safeguard both parties, and we provide full guarantees for all placements. But equally important, we feel, is that we are not simply a recruitment agency. Career Pathfinders is in the enviable position to be able to offer all manner of advice and recommendations to employers in need of operational guidance : and also to job-seekers in need of career/employment advise. Which service we gladly provide, with a smile.

On the subject of ‘service with a smile’, we also believe that being a privately operated business, we are again in the fortunate position to actually be of service. Many ‘agents’, employed by an Agency, have their time and input governed by meeting with quotas, targets and deadlines. It’s the “personal touch” that comes into play here to mutual effectiveness, every person with whom we are dealing becomes important, as well as their needs are addressed with priority. Finally, we consider ourselves to be extremely efficient. We always have prompt and knowledgeable answers to questions, we respond promptly to correspondences, and the quality of our overall work is exceptionally proficient. CVs are kept simple and concise, yet informative : we maintain excellent liaison, keep people updated and informed all along : we go to great lengths to ensure that interviews are thoroughly scheduled, candidates are fully briefed prior to interview : and, in general, simply to ensure that the entire recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible.