Job Seeker Tips

Tips, Guidelines and professional recruitment advise for Job seekers in the Hospitality Industry

Job Interview tips
These days this often forms a part of the selection process.
It is however a very important part , as it gives a prospective employer the chance to get to know you as a person, even if it is only for a short time.
It is also your chance to see if it’s the position you really want, or the company you really want to work for .

  • First impressions DO matter.  People rightly or wrongly do judge you the minute they meet you. How you are dressed  your hygiene and appropriate jewellery etc .is important.
  • Be on time if not at least 15 minutes early .they may have forms for you to complete before your interview starts.

Before you go to an interview PREPARE yourself ..look up the place /company on the internet . Check how to get there in time. Web sites can also often give you an insight into the company’s culture and therefore an appropriate dress code .

  • Prepare a few questions to ask your interviewee about the company, what they feel makes them a good employer etc.. What do they specialise in ? What opportunities are there in the company if you are a successful employee? Do they have other branches? Are they international and would there be opportunities with them internationally ?

There are lots of questions you can prepare so at the end of the interview you will know if it’s the company you want to join

  • DO NOT just ask about pay and working hours, leave that to the very end of your interview and only ask if you feel it is appropriate.
  • Know what position you are being interviewed for …if you are working through an agency get a job description, otherwise try and “google ”the job description, often on a company’s career page the job description is there for applicants to see if they are suitable for the job.
  • If appropriate ask them for a tour of the operation..the kitchens you may be expected to work in etc….it is awful when you accept a job and then on your first da you find the kitchen is old and ill equipped etc.

Skype interviews
These are becoming more and more frequent, especially for the first interview. Dress well, it is still an interview. What the client thinks of you on first sight is still very important.
Be at your computer at least 10 minutes early and make sure you accept the person trying to interview you.
Sit comfortably and far enough away from the screen so that the interviewer or interviewees can see you whole head and shoulders .Do not push your face up to the screen. Speak clearly in case the line is bad. Prepare yourself for this interview as much as you would a face to face one.