Terms & Conditions

1) Terms

1. Fee Schedule

Our fee is calculated at 10% of the candidate’s gross annual salary, and in this calculation, we exclude 13th cheque, accommodation, and any other benefits and bonuses.

Example Fee Calculation:

Based on a Gross Monthly Salary  (GMS)  of   R10,000

Formula is   GMS    x  12 months    x    10%  (agents percentage)       =        Fee Payable

Therefore     R10,000    x          12      “     x         10%        “            “        =        R12,000 placement fee

2. Fee Payment

Fee settlement is expected on the commencement of  the candidate, and should be paid within five-working days from commencement. If not paid in this period, we reserve the right to waive our obligations contained in 2.1

2) Guarantees

Candidate Replacement

2.1  Should  the  employment  of the candidate  terminate,  and  the candidates’  final effective working day falls within ninety-days from his/her commencement date, then Career Pathfinders reserves the  right to fill the same vacancy with a replacement candidate, within a period of twenty-eight days of our being notified of such termination. This stipulation is in place to protect Career Pathfinders against the employer who may exercise the autonomy to recruit  another candidate within this 28 day period, either through another agent, or through internal process, or through any  other means, and then still request a refund from Career Pathfinders. Under such circumstances, Career Pathfinders obviously cannot  then be held liable for refund.

2.2  In the event of a replacement candidate bring successfully placed, then Career Pathfinders will re-invoice the client for the placement of the new candidate, based on the gross annual salary of the successful new candidate, and from that  new invoice, we will deduct the amount paid from the invoice of the original candidate..

2.3  Such obligation of replacement, or refund as per Clause 3 below,  will not apply,  in the event of   : 

  1. Retrenchment
  2. Dismissal in a manner that would be deemed as an unfair labour practice or procedure.
  3. That our candidate has been subjected to working circumstances that would be deemed as  wholly unacceptable, unless agreed to between employee & employer, in writing, prior to commencement.
  4. That conditions as stipulated in a ‘Letter of Appointment’ or an ‘Employment Contract’ document, as issued by the employer  to the employee, have not been complied with by the employer.

3) Refunds

3.1  In the event that no replacement candidates as per paragraph 2.1 are suitable, Career Pathfinders will refund

as per the following schedule

 –  Termination within first month              –          75 %

 – Termination within second month        –          50 %

 – Termination within third month            –          25 %

3.2   If  the client has a clause in its employment contract to recover recruitment agency fees directly from the candidate,  including on a pro-rata scale, then Career Pathfinders will refund only the portion of agency  fee that the client did not  successfully manage to recover from the candidate.

4) Waiver

 4.1 Career Pathfinders, in the course of their professional activities and responsibilities, will always, unfailingly, exercise all due diligence and caution within their powers and expertise to ensure that CV’s submitted are thoroughly screened, reference-checked and then furnished to the client with our bona fide belief that everything contained in the CV is  true.

4.2  However, we do not claim, and we hereby declare and draw your attention to the fact that in some instances, we may not have personally met with, nor interviewed face-to-face every candidate ; as this becomes an impossible task, owing to the large and widespread nature and geography of South Africa.

4.3  We do however guarantee that we will have held extensive interviews with each candidate over the telephone and per Skype, and that the clients’ particular vacancy has been discussed with the candidate, including job title, package, and location and any other pertinent information, and that the candidate has granted Career Pathfinders with his/her permission to submit their CV to the client.   

5) Acceptance

5.1  The employment by the client of any candidate referred by Career Pathfinders will be deemed by  Career Pathfinders,to constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

5.2  Any variations relating to the Terms & Conditions need to be pre-agreed upon between the client and Career Pathfinders, and confirmed in writing by both parties.

 5.3  With points 5.1 & 5.2 in mind, we stipulate to our claim to be a reasonable and candid agency, aspiring at all times to please and maintain cordial associations with every client – and as such, and according to circumstances discussed in advance, certain clauses contained within this document are negotiable.