Costs Involved


In charging the placement costs to clients, we use a straightforward calculation, based on an agency percentage of 10% of Gross Annual Salary (GAS).

Please see the calculation example below, to get a clear picture of how this works.

This calculation is based on a Gross Monthly Salary (GMS) of R10,000

The formula is

GMS              x         12 (to get GAS)           x         10% (agents commission)      =     Fee Payable

Therefore, putting actual figures into this equation

R10,000       x          12 (per annum)           x          10% commission                =       R 12,000  placement fee

Please Note

  • The only costs payable is in the event that we successfully place a candidate – and that fee is only payable on his/her commencement.
  • No fee is payable by the candidate
  • The 10% agency commission is standard  –  e.g  it is not variable, and does not rise or decrease according to higher or lower salary scales.
  • We are VAT Exempted, and therefore we do not add VAT to invoices.