Career Patfhinders video for candidates introduction to clients


Candidate video introduction – to bridge the gap.

One step closer to getting to know your potential employee.

We have introduced a new concept “Video Introduction”

Our candidates have to record themselves during an introduction to the potential employer.


The following are guidelines to the recording of the introduction video :

Formats: Mp4, avi or wmv

Allowed Size: The video should not exceed 9 MB(Mega Bytes) – unless you have a video compressor App on your phone in order to be able to send it.

Send via: Email, WhatsApp, DropBox

Allowed Time: The video should not exceed 1 minute in length.

Contents of video should include:

–              Introduce yourself (Name and Surname)

–              Your current or latest job title and place of employment as well as time period

–              Short overview of your career and any matters of interest to the client.

–              Why you are applying for this specific job and why you are interested in being employed at

this specific establishment?

–              Polite ending to video clip


–              Ensure your dress code is professional

–              Ensure the background of the video is blank space (a plain wall)

–              Ensure that there is no background sounds to be heard

–              Ensure that your body language and your conduct is calm, confident and professional

–              Allow yourself a few practice rounds and send the one you prefer

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